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30 years of international experience as Team and Leadership coach, inspirational speaker, and CEO.

"I'm convinced that true success comes with hard work and unyielding determination".

I have been working for many years as an inspirational executive coach, speaker, trainer, and leadership expert. Having spoken and worked in over 40 countries on 5 continents and speaking 4 languages, I have a broad experience in working with global audiences and different cultures. My clients rely on my experience and expertise in the realms of Leadership and Teams and on a gift to inspire people in times of transformation. Our current time frame is certainly an example of that! Currently I have a more than full-time job delivering keynotes all over the world.


I am of Dutch nationality, went to Hotel Management School in Maastricht and held my first job at KLM. I worked in major hotels and in the services industry until, at the age of 32, I became CEO of a highly specialized industrial cleaning company with 2200 employees. At the age of 35 I started working for an outplacement company, stayed for 5 years attaining the COO position. In 1995 I followed my heart and focused on giving keynotes and workshops.


I follow and explain trends in management and leadership and guide individuals and organizations in making practical translations. With a sense of humor and inspiring. I wrote two books, of which ‘Busy or Impact’ (2012, Doussac Publishing) is the latest. In 2002 I moved with my family to the Corrèze in the South-West of France.

In 2018 I partnered with Excel Communications, a Learning and Development Consultancy in the UK and have been a key trainer in their global cross cultural network.


My keynotes are described as highly entertaining, insightful and extremely revealing in a confrontational way. I like to de-mystify common notions and ‘MBA talk’ and challenge my audiences, although always with a touch of lightness. My work is tailor made to the business reality of my clients; I don't do standard stuff.


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