High impact and inspiring
workshops and keynotes

Your challenges

Organizational level
- 'Getting people to embrace change'
​- 'Getting people to adopt a growth mindset'
- 'Successfully implementing (digital) transformation'
- 'Increasing impact whilst decreasing busyness'
- 'Formulating company mission & vision'


Team level

- 'Getting my team to become a real team'
- 'Increasing the level of trust in my team'
- 'Getting my team from average to high performance'
- 'Finding the common purpose with my team'
- 'We need to hear all the voices in the room'
- 'We need to lose the 'silo' mentality'
- 'We need to improve decision-making skills'

Personal level

- 'How do we become better leaders'
- 'We need to better manage our team virtually'
- 'We want to sharpen our axes'
- 'Do we work on visibility or are results enough?'
- 'We need to better manage conflicts'



I work with leadership teams all over the world on high performance, high impact leadership and teaming. Participants have described it as "one of the most relevant experiences in their working lives". I do the workshops on-line as well as on-site.
As all my work is tailor-made I do not offer 'standard' solutions. Just get in touch and we can talk.


Would you prefer (1) people to have 'impact' over 'being busy'? Interested in (2) my take on the 5 Do's in transformation? Or maybe (3) how to unleash the power to change in your organization? I'm there for you. Each of these three keynotes (and others) can be done both physically or online. Get in touch and we'll talk about the best solution for your situation.